Thursday, January 28, 2010

Portion size and water consumption

I really liked the idea of Kari's about putting all your water on the counter so you are reminded of how much you need to drink. I can get in 64 ounces fairly easily but much more than that I slog up. It's still there to remiind me so I can also grab one of the bottles and take it wherever I go.
Portion size is a little easier for me. I don't have a scale but I used to and I really think that would be a good investment.i try and stay away from pasta becasue the protions there are just so confusing! One cup of spaghetti seems like nothing...but if you add a bunch of vegetables, etc. it works out pretty good.
My real challenge is the exercise. I'd much reather be sitting somewhere reading or sewing. Could be why I'm obese. duh! I did buy the new Wii fit plus and it is really truly a lot of fun..and the time goes by pretty quickly. I ahve been able to walk a little farther lately so I am pretty pumped about that. I'll let you know how I do.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wow, there is water all around us today in Oregon. It hasn't quit raining for a few days now. I love water. I was in the pool today for about half and hour. Taking into account fiddling with my goggles and my fins I figure I got about 25 minutes of lap swimming in. I got a late start becasue I was do daaing at home . I've putting all my food and exercise on My Food diary. When I'm at Kira's next week I'll have her help me put more stuff on my blog! Can't wait.

Monday, January 4, 2010

I am excited about getting more exercise, eating better foods and becoming healthier. I started at the comunity pool today. it honk it will be good. There are multiple oppportunities to swim. I get most of the flexibility stuff witht he classes but I think i will have to lap swim to get a good cardio workout. I was all excited about going again toorrow when i relaied i had a 7 am appointment aswell as a 9 am appointment. ithink I willt ry the noon lap swim.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Anne's gonna do it!

Okay. This is it. Since competition is such a big motivator for me and since Kira is doing this also I think this will be a win win situation! I'm really kind of excited to get started. I swiched from the local YMCA to the local community pool for my swimming exercises becasue I wasn't taking advantage of the all the other stuff that the Y charges for.
Seems like I have a bunch of stuff to do before Tuesday. I have plenty of tight clothes I can use for my pictures. I think what works best for me is to to prepare menues for the week so I know what I will be eating and will know what to have on well as what not to have on hand.